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Blue Yellow USA

Founded in 2014 in Lithuania by former Swedish special-operations soldier Jonas Öhman, Blue/Yellow for Ukraine is ranked by Forbes as one of the ten largest NGOs providing support to Ukraine. The American branch of the organization, Blue/Yellow USA (Friends of Blue/Yellow Ukraine USA NFP, Inc.), a US 501(c)3, headed by Rima Žiūraitis, began operating in 2019 at Jonas Öhman’s request. 

Blue/Yellow has years of experience in logistics and delivering military and medical aid to where it is needed, including close to zero line, and the organization has provided a variety of different types of aid from drones, to ballistic vests, to medical equipment, to medical evacuations and refugee assistance. 

Blue/Yellow has also produced documentaries informing about Ukraine’s struggle against Russia, most recently, “Sunflowers in the Rain.” It regularly reports on the war via interviews and articles, most recently in War on the Rocks.

Non-lethal Military and Defense Support

Humanitarian Support

Refugee Support

U.S. Tax Deductible Donation

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