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UNITED24 is the official fundraising platform of Ukraine, raising more than $325 million from over 110 countries during its first year in existence. UNITED24 has no operational fees; 100% of funds raised go to the National Bank of Ukraine, and are disbursed to causes selected by the donor on one of five distinct areas: Medical Aid, Rebuild, Defence, Humanitarian Demining, Education and Science. The UNITED24 platform is audited Deloitte Ukraine.

UNITED24 also partners with the U.S.-based Ukraine House, which closely cooperates with the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC and provides a venue for Ukrainian events and culture. 

Medical Aid

Military and Defense Support

Education and Science

Rebuild Ukraine

Humanitarian Demining

U.S. Tax Deductible Donation via Ukraine House (partner organization) for Rebuild Ukraine, Medical Aid, Science and Education projects.

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