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Blue Yellow USA

Founded in 2014 in Lithuania by former Swedish special-operations soldier Jonas Öhman, Blue/Yellow for Ukraine is ranked by Forbes as one of the ten largest NGOs providing support to Ukraine. The American branch of the organization, Blue/Yellow USA (Friends of Blue/Yellow Ukraine USA NFP, Inc.), a US 501(c)3, headed by Rima Žiūraitis, began operating in 2019 at Jonas Öhman’s request. 

Blue/Yellow has years of experience in logistics and delivering military and medical aid to where it is needed, including close to zero line, and the organization has provided a variety of different types of aid from unmanned aerial systems, to ballistic vests, to medical equipment, to medical evacuations and refugee assistance. Blue/Yellow has also produced documentaries about Ukraine’s struggle, most recently, “Sunflowers in the Rain.” It regularly reports on the conflict through interviews and articles.

Non-lethal Military and Defense Support

Humanitarian Support

Refugee Support

U.S. Tax Deductible Donation

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