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Save Ukraine

Save Ukraine is a rescue network for children and families, established in 2014 as a response to Russian military aggression. Save Ukraine uses a comprehensive 3-stage approach to mend the damage and trauma caused by war.

Stage 1: Rescue. This includes projects centered around evacuation and rescue missions. The goal of the Rescue stage is to move as many children and families from immediate danger to safety as possible.

Stage 2: Restore. This stage targets trauma recovery among children and families that were evacuated during the Rescue stage. Most work is carried out at Hope and Healing Centers.


Stage 3: Rebuild. During this stage, Save Ukraine actively helps children and families adapt to their new lives in safety. Projects of the Rebuild stage tackle issues like longer-term housing, social adaptation, and education for children and families.

Returning illegally deported Ukrainian children from Russia

Evacuation Assistance

Humanitarian  Support and Social Assistance 

Refugee Support

U.S. Tax Deductible Donations  via partner organization, A Family for Every Orphan.

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