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United24, the official fundraising platform of partners with corporations and celebrities on projects to raise funds for humanitarian aid, military equipment, and preparing to rebuild Ukraine. United24 accepts donations for five categories of aid: defense, humanitarian demining, medical aid, rebuilding Ukraine, and education and science. When donating it is possible to select which category to donate to, and 100% of all donations are then assigned to the relevant government ministries. United24’s operations are completely transparent, and reports on expenditures and funds raised are updated weekly. United24 has raised over $330 million dollars since it began operating. United24 also partners with the U.S.-based Ukraine House, which closely cooperates with the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington D.C. and provides a venue for Ukrainian events and culture.

Military and Defense Support

Humanitarian Support

Refugee Support

U.S. Tax Deductible Donation via Ukraine House (partner organization)

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