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Save Ukraine

Save Ukraine is a children and families rescue network, established in 2014 as a response to russian military aggression. Save Ukraine uses a comprehensive 3-stage approach to mend the damage and the trauma caused by war.

Stage 1: Rescue. It includes projects centered around evacuation and rescue missions; the goal of the Rescue stage is to remove as many children and families as possible from immediate danger into safety.

Stage 2: Restore. This stage targets trauma recovery among children and families evacuated during the Rescue stage. Most work is carried out at Hope and Healing Centers.

Stage 3: Rebuild. During this stage, Save Ukraine actively helps children and families adapt to their new lives in safety. Projects of the Rebuild stage tackle the issues of longer-term housing, social adaptation, and education for children and families.

Humanitarian Support

Refugee Support

U.S. Tax Deductible Donations  via partner organization, A family for every orphan.

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